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We serve God through Church Unstoppable! Thank you for considering to be part of advancing our mission to love God, love people, make disciples by being a volunteer. 

Mark 10:43-45 "If you want to be the greatest, then live as one called to serve others. The path to promotion comes by having the heart of a bond-slave who serves everyone. For even the Son of Man did not come expecting to be served by everyone, but to serve everyone, and to give his life as the ransom price for the salvation of many.”

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U.KIDS - Unstoppable Kids is a place where kids are raised to love God and love people. Our leaders and volunteers treasure every moment we spend with your amazing kids. Programs serve 6 months - 8 Years Old (Nursery, Preschool, Elementary)
HOST TEAM - A team of volunteers who create a loving and comfortable environment so that guests will be free to worship
and be open to the truth of God’s Word (Usher, Cafe, Parking, Safety, Greeter, CU Central)
WORSHIP - Here to raise a group of passionate, anointed, and spirit-filled worshipers, singers, and musicians, who are of one heart, one mind and on one accord, who will be instrumental in creating an atmosphere where the supernatural becomes the natural, and where lives are transformed as they are led to the very presence of God.
OUTREACH - To serve the community in love especially those in need and connect them to the Church where they can be empowered to go Up and move Forward in Christ.
MEDIA - To set a worship-oriented atmosphere using God-given audio/visual skills. (Tech and Creative)
PRAYER - To be readily available for people coming to the altar for prayer after the church service on Sundays and for midweek prayer and worship nights. Vision is to form a team whose passion is to serve God through a ministry that invokes only the help of the Holy Spirit to bring healing, deliverance, and encouragement upon His people in the Name of Jesus Christ.
FACILITY- To provide assistance in setting up and tearing down all equipment, furniture, and fixtures during services and/or events. Steward the resources God gave us through facilities maintenance and custodial services during services and/or special events. 
YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS - Church Unstoppable Youth (CYOUTH) and Young Adults (CUYA) are designed to build a community centered around Jesus for youth, students, and the career age in Sonoma county and the surrounding area. 
Through bible study and fellowship, men's ministry exists to disciple and encourage men to pursue a Christ-centered and life-giving calling. 
EVENTS - Responsible for hosting, setting up refreshments, decors, and related items for various meetings and events at CU. 
ADMIN - Support and implement policies and procedures for the administrative, ministerial, and operational needs of the church as an organization. 

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Select a team that you'd like to volunteer in.